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Loved You First Fanfic Part 1 of 2 (Harry and Niall)

(Sara likes Niall Aubrey likes Harry)


Sara’s POV

  You are a famous singer and you get to go on tour with your favorite band in the whole world 1D. Niall has became your best friend and you’re friends with the other boys too. Liam and Zayn knew you liked him, and so did your best friend Aubrey who is on tour with you. Liam and Zayn knew she liked Harry too, they also thought it was creepy how much they have in common, if you know what I mean.. Anyway, Niall had made a new friend, Natasha. She was beautiful. She was a A & F model with pretty tan skin and gorgeous long curly black hair and piercing green eyes. She had been hanging out with you guys and she kept kind of leaving you out. you only told Aubrey though.

One week later……

she started hanging out more.                                                                                                   

You: “So Niall, do you  wanna watch  a movie with us tonight?!”

Niall: “Sorry Sara, me and Nat are going out tonight…”

You; “Okay… maybe another time..”

Niall:”Yeah, I pinky promise!”

*You two locked pinkies*

You: “Cool”

Niall: “Oh Nat’s here, bye Sara!” 

You: “Okay bye Niall! hope yall have a good time!”

"Hey niall! Hey sara." she said fake. "Hey!" said you and niall. "Wait i need to get my wallet!" said Niall. He ran off. Just then Natasha walks over to you…

Nat: “Better get used to it! Niall’s mine, you never had a chance anyway! little girl, he’s way to old for you and he would never love a ugly little b**** like you and if you even try to lay a hand on him you better sleep with one eye open! And don’t you daretell any one about this!”

You: “Well at least he’s actually my friend for being me! I don’t have to put on some stupid silly little act unlike you!

*Niall comes back*

  “Sorry I had trouble finding that thing!”he said “Bye Sara!”. ” Bye Niall!” you waved back. He put his arm around her neck and she scowled at you as you rolled your eyes.

  Once they left you ran to your room, sobbing into your pillow. Aubrey and Liam ran inside. “Oh my gosh! Sara what’s wrong?!”Liam asked. “N-n-n-natasha-a-a-a…”you sobbed. “OMG  what did she do now?!” Aubrey said. You told them all she had said and done “I’ll be killing her now…”says Aubrey. Liam turns on the tv. "One Direction member Niall Horan is spotted at Nando’s with girlfriend A & F model Natasha ….” you sob in into your pillow even harder. He turns it off. “Liam you are so smart but you can be such an idiot!”Aubrey scolds him. “I’m sorry I didn’t know!” Liam protested, she just face-palms herself. 

*Niall and Natasha get back*

  You can hear them. “I had an amazing time Niall” says Natasha sweetly, you sob harder and say into your pillow

"my life is oooooveeeeeer!". They just try to comfort you. Aubrey slaps you and says

"Pull it together woman!!!".

"Ooooooowwww!" you say.

"Aubrey!" scolds Liam.

"What?!" she says.

"The girl’s already hurting enough as it is!" he reply’s.

"I’m gonna go die in hole!" you whine.

"Erm, no Sara don’t do that!" he said.

"Why not?" you say.

"OMG Sara, shut up! Natasha’s a b**** and you are way better for Niall then her! They’ll breakup sooner or later!" she said.

"Yeah! wait, Aubrey that’s a naughty word!" he says. You heard them kiss you just went to the bathroom and listened to sad songs and grabbed a tub of ice cream. *eat sob eat sob…* Aubrey came in the re with you. 

"Lads,I’m back!" you heard Niall and you sobbed louder and harder. 

   Liam told Niall everything so of he had to tell him this. You and Aubrey just sit there going ‘o no o no o no…’.

"Do you think I’ll ever be loved?"I say.

"Of course you will, Sara you don’t know you’re beautiful, inside and out, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had and don’t say that again" she reply’s through tears. You heard someone go outside.

"I’m don’t really care, me and Niall are perfect for each other, I spend every night thinking about him just so I can go to sleep, I was and still am a directioner, I am living my dream and I know we were meant to be, he is mine and always will be, I have never met anyone more like me then Niall. He’s my best friend and…I…I…I love him…." You cry. You hear crying outside the door. "weird" you think. You and Aubrey look at each other.

"Uh, Sara, I think Niall crying.." Aubrey said. You both get up and walk outside to see Niall, his big blue eyes red and puffy. He was sitting the bed with his face in his hands. You look up at Liam and Zayn.

You sit down beside him and what’s wrong. He slowly looks up at you, looking you straight in the eyes. “I broke up with Natasha…” he told you.

"Aw, why?" you question, even though you’re thinking like why wouldn’t he dump her?,

"She’s..she’s….Sara, can I talk to you alone?" he asks.

"Sure!" you respond. He take you into another room and sits down with you.

"Okay, they reason I broke up with her is…she’s..she’s not you!” he said before covering his face in his hands again, you didn’t know what to say,”She’s always being mean to you, acting like she’s all that, she’s not you…I guess what I’m trying to say is…I love you Sara……..” . Holy crap, did the guy of your dreams say he loves you? Fangirling inside.

"I…I love you too Niall, and i have since i was eleven…" you reply.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, I was crushed when you and Natasha got serious and after what she said to me, to tell you the truth…I’ve been crying basically all night..’.

"No, what’d she say?"he responded. You then told him and he hugged you. "Sara, will you go out with me?."

"Of course Niall! I’ve been waiting like six years for you to say that!" You guys hugged and then looked up at each other and he kissed you, which of course made you feel A LOT better. You then heard the sound of clapping in the doorway and pulled away.

"Aaaaaaawwww…" says everyone. Harry took a pic of y’all and uploads it to Twitter saying "Aren’t they adorable!"

 ”Okay let’s give them some privacy guys!’ says Zayn as they all walk out and give you thumbs up and wink at ya’ll. Niall then sings “She’s No You” By Jessie McCartney to you. 

"You’re beautiful, Sara" he says to you, making you blush,"Will you be my girlfriend?" he then asks more shyly’

"Of course!" you two hug and then walk in with everyone else, holding hands. You sit down beside Aubrey.

"Ooo-ooo, Sara’s got a boy-friend!" she whispers to you teasingly.

"I know right!" you whisper back. They were watching "Spider-man". You lay your head on Niall’s shoulder and he puts his arm around you.

You keep seeing Harry sneaking glances at Aubrey and saying stuff about the movie to her she was blushing like crazy and they were giggling they were so cute! You look up at your new boyfriend and think how perfect y’all are. He then looks down at you, smiles, then kisses your nose. OMG he’s adorable!

At one time Harry and Aubrey just bust out laughing and then he says something that makes them laugh even more.

Aubrey and Harry’s love story will continue later on……

"The Perfect Kiss!"


                You’re with your boyfriend Niall and you are on the couch. You were watching a movie and at one time, your eyes meet. You got lost in those big blue eyes. And just when your lips are about to meet, “If you wanna a kiss, you’ll have’ta come get me” you say playfully. You get up and run outside into the pouring rain. Niall runs to the door and screams out, “Are you crazy?” in his ADORABLE Irish accent. You say ” Yes! Now c’mon babe, the rains (perfectly) fine!” as you start dancing around like an idiot trying to catch it on your tongue. “You know what, that actually looks kinda fun!” he says. He runs out, holds you tight, and gives you the most passionate kiss you have ever gotten in your whole life. It feels amazing and just as you’re getting really into it, ends with two bright car lights in the driveway. Oh great! It’s the other guys. Louis gets out of the car and goes, “aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww” along with Liam and Zayn. “Well, what do you kids think you’re doing?!” Harry said and of course has already took a pic and posted it. “What are you talking about?” you say, smiling at each other, giggling and blushing. You two go inside and dry off and could not take your eyes off each other and giggling and spent the rest of the day with the other boys and girlfriends watching ‘Grease’ and other movies. Niall also got free kisses for the rest of the day. So romantic!

"Temporary Teddy Bear"



      You have been dating your boyfriend, Niall for about a year and you have just moved in with him and the other boys. You share a room, but, have seperate beds. You know you can count on him and you know he would do anything for you, even loose some sleep. One night you couldn’t sleep and notice your teddy bear is gone. You know Niall won’t mind helping his princess, so, you walk across the room to Niall’s bed and nudge him gently. He doesn’t move because he’s a heavy sleeper, just like you.You take a moment just to look at his sweet face. You tap him on the shoulder a few times and say his name. He eventually wakes up. In a tired voice (in his adorable Irish accent!) he rolls over, looks at you and says “What’s wrong princess?”. “I lost my teddy bear” you say, talking like a 5 year old trying to sound all sweet. “Aaaaaaaawwww, sweetie, do you want me to help find her” he reply’s.  ”Yes” you answer (still in your 5 year old sounding voice). He rolls out of bed and helps you find her. You can’t find her. You look tired and disappointed, until Niall’s asks, “Well, do you want me to lay down with you until you fall asleep?”. “Yeah, sure” you reply rubbing your eyes tiredly. You lay down and then Niall lays down next to you. The next day, you wake up still in Niall’s arms and look up to his adorable sleeping face, but, he wasn’t really asleep he had really been watching you sleep. You both open your eyes with your head on his chest and you two just smile at each other and you think how lucky you are to have a temporary teddy bear. And a prince! You look on Twitter and Harry posted a photo of you and Niall and below it said “Look how I found these two lovebirds this morning! Sleep good?”. You both walked downstairs wanting to hurt Harry but instead you just walked down the stairs holding hands and trying not to smile. When you two got two the kitchen to hear ‘aaaaaaaaawwwwww’s from everyone you two blushed which you both do very easily. And of course Harry had something to say, “Sleep good?” he said. “Yes” you both said trying not to smile looking a little embarrassed. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of guys, you’re just in love” Zayn said patting Niall on the back. “Yeah, me and (HGF) do it all the time!” he said cheekily. You two just gave him a look and smiled at each other and he put his arm around you and you two kissed. “Get a room!” Harry butted in. “Look who’s talking!” said Louis. “I’m so happy for you” whispered Liam. The whole day you two were either cuddling or holding hands, etc. You couldn’t let go of each other. He made you feel so protected. You had a wonderful one year anniversary and he proposed not to long after that on Valentine’s Day. You would always be his princess and Niall became your teddy bear!!!

Niall Horan imagine

Imagine you and your 4 friends all won tickets and backstage passes to the KCA’s and each of you are all madly in love with a different  member of One Direction. You, have always had a HUGE crush in the odd-ball of band, yes, Niall Horan. He’s Irish, adorable, sweet, funny and he has the voice of an angel (so, basically everything you’ve ever wanted). They come on stage and you all start screaming wildly but shut up when they start to sing so you can hear their beautiful voices; it’s to hard to hold it in and suddenly scream, “NIALL I LOVE YOU!!!”. He stops for a second to look in you direction.(this is his face when he first spots you) He looks at you and blushes a little, winks at you and then quickly goes back to singing. He keeps looking at you and you’re freaking out inside. You and your friends are singing along to “Moments” and when it’s Niall’s solo you nicely tell everyone to shut their pie-holes. He Sounds so angelic and he suddenly notices you starring at him and smiles, face turning red. You lock eyes the rest of the song and feel sort of like he was serenading you up there. After the show you and your friends go to the after party. As you’re on the dance floor your friends start teasing you about how Niall was practically singing to you, you blushed and smiled. You suddenly noticed the boys were starring at all of you. You could not believe your eyes. They quickly ran over and introduced their selves and you and Niall locked eyes again. He then swept you to the side and said, ” Hi, I’m sorry if I freaked you out up there it’s just you voice sounded so sweet and you the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You smile and say “Same to you”. suddenly you hear “shut the door , turn the light out…”. Niall immediately asks if you would like to dance and obviously say  you would love to. You start dancing and by the end of the song your head is on his shoulder. After you notice all of your friends have paired up and Niall asks for your number. You two exchange phone numbers and dance some more and you don’t even know when the night will end and suddenly it’s over. On the  ride home in the limo you all talk about how your boyfriends are in 1D and you think about Niall, he was a perfect gentlemen the whole night. And the next think you know you two are always either texting and calling each other. You become best friends with all of them. You go on dates with your friends and…

                                      2 years later………….

You are all married and live in a mansion together and go on a honeymoon in Hawaii.

                                      Another  2 years later…..

You pregnant with your first child and plan to name him Liam after his uncle.

P.S. this is my first imagine so I hope you like it!

Niall James Horan

I’d rather be a kid and play with paper planes than be a man and play with a women’s heart.